On January 12, 1782, Cheraw Hill Baptist Church had its constitution granted by the Welch Neck Baptist Church, in Society Hill, SC. The church consisted of both black and white members. By the 1860’s,  the black members had become the majority. The black members applied for and received letters of dismissal from the church, and 23 letters were granted immediately. Pee Dee Union Baptist Church was founded just a few yards from the original Cheraw Hill Baptist Church, and in January 1867 Rev. Wisdom London founder, preached the first message from a plattform built outdoors. In December of the same year, 285 blacks applied for and received letters to join Pee Dee Union Baptist Church. Through true sacrificies, the first wooden building was constructed to house the growing congregation. That structure was destroyed in March 1912 by a tornado, and the present structure was rebulit on the same parcel of land in 1912 and dedicated in March 1913.

For over 100 years, this marvelous structure has served as home for the congregation. In its almost 150 year history,  Pee Dee Union has had 15 men serve as pastor, they are Rev. Wisdom London, Rev. Claudius McCall, Rev. Sidney Johnson, Rev. Alfred McPhail, Rev. Isaiah Williams, Rev. F. W. Prince, Rev. J. N. Carr, Rev. O. St.Clair Franklin, Rev. James Levy, Rev. Dr. Thomas Dawkins, Rev. Dr. Jerry D. Corbett, and Rev. Dr. Sam Whack, Jr.